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Brentwood TN Instant hot water service



At the Faucet/Shower Head For As Little as $599

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How Does It Work


Pronto On Demand Hot Water Service is a hot water recirculation system that uses an electric recirculating pump installed on your water heater line and a patented thermal valve installed under the kitchen or bathroom sink furthest from the water heater. Pronto on-demand hot water at the tap keeps a constant supply of hot water on demand in your pipes, rather than waiting for freshly heated hot water to travel to your faucet or showerhead. Pronto on-demand hot water at the tap ultimately can save your household thousands of gallons of water per year and decrease your water and sewer bills. Pronto on-demand hot water at the tap annual operating costs are about $2 to $8 a year. 

Our on-demand hot water at the tap recirculation system automatically functions 24/7/365. The system can also be configured with Google, Apple or Alexa wireless control devices, non-WI-FI remote controls, or a simple timer. Our standard Pronto Hot Water at the Tap system uses an electrical, mechanical pump that requires a standard grounded three-prong 120v outlet within 15 feet of the Pronto On Demand Hot Water Service located near the water heater. Even if you don't have an outlet within the required distance, we can often create an integrated and compliant outlet from a nearby outlet or and we may tie into that existing electrical line at no additional cost. Our system does not require electrical outlets at or under your sink. 

How it works: When the water at your faucet cools down, the patented thermal valve opens, allowing the mild pressure from the pump to bring hot water to the patented thermal valve (which keeps the water rapidly ready). No water is lost or wasted because the pumped water is pushed down the cold-water supply line. The patented thermal valve closes when the water temperature reaches around 98F. The process repeats as demanded to ensure rapid warm water at the tap. We can install or recommend power management solutions to turn the system off at night when you are not home or on vacation for an additional cost. Total Pronto on-demand Hot Water at the Tap system installation time is minimal and generally varies between 1.5 and 2.0 hours.

Your Current Plumbing System At Rest

Franklin TN on demain hot water systems

Water in hot water lines cools over time. The farther a faucet is from from your water heater, the more water is wasted while you wait for the water.  Depending upon the distance and the amount of time for the hot water to reach you, gallons of precious water is going down the drain. 

Your Plumbing System After Our Instant Hot Water Installation

Instant hot water systems Williamson County TN

Pronto On Demand Hot Water Service uses your existing plumbing and water heater to provide rapid hot water for your faucets and shower heads. Our Pronto On Demand Hot Water Service uses new pipes and requires no breaking into walls or floors. Our Pronto On Demand Hot Water Service costs only pennies per day to operate and can help you conserve from 8,000 to 15,000 gallons of water per year. Less wasted water reduced water and sewer bills. Just as valuable, our installed Pronto On Demand Hot Water Service saves you from waiting for hot water!

About Us


Hello, and thanks for taking the time to visit Pronto On Demand Hot Water Service. My name is Alan Smith, and I am the owner of this business. My wife and I have been residents of Middle Tennessee, TN for over 15 years I enjoy helping people maintain and improve their homes.

Pronto Hot Water on Demand Service is locally owned and operated, and is insured. As the owner, I can assure you will receive a highly experienced technician and proper installation. Please call me direct with any questions at 615.497.3219 - We offer FREE estimates.  

I will provide you with a personal overview of your installation before I begin. Pronto On Demand Hot Water Service safely installs all the necessary components to supply hot water to your sinks, tubs, showers, dishwashers and washing machines on your existing water heater and water lines. Once installed, Pronto On Demand Hot Water Service ultimately conserves our precious water, controls your water bill expenses and SAVES YOU TIME waiting for hot water!

There is a 90-day guarantee of all parts and installation.


Service Area

Pronto On Demand Hot Water Service  is a valuable and popular service, so I limit my service area to minimize your cost. We are located in Nolensville, Tennessee, and we service all of Williamson County, Tennessee, including Nolensville, Brentwood, Franklin, Arrington, College Grove, Fairview, and Thompsons Station. We also provide service to LaVergne and Smyrna, Tennessee.

Thank you for considering Pronto On Demand Hot Water Service!

Service Area
What Does It Cost

What Does It Cost?

Our standard $599 system installation includes the install of:

  • One recirculating pump

  • A one-way valve

  • and one patented thermal valve (in a home with one water heater)

Our components and installation are guaranteed for 90 days from the installation date, with manufacturer warranties covering most parts for between five and ten years.

We accept cash, Paypal, Venmo and credit cards*.

*PayPal, Venmo and credit cards will incur a 3.5% service charge

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